Opera House Gallery of Contemporary Art

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Visit our friends at the Delphi Opera House to find information about upcoming events, tickets, facility rental, history, and much more.

Tours of the Opera House are at 1:00 on Saturdays or by appointment.

The Opera House Gallery of Contemporary Art Facebook Page

Times Past Antiques - Explore all the treasures in this beautiful building near the Delphi square.

Round out your visit to the gallery with a meal at one of these restaurants located nearby:

Brick & Mortar Pub, The Sandwich Shop,   or The Stonehouse Restaurant and Bakery.

Don't miss a chance to step back in time with a visit to the Wabash & Erie Canal just a few blocks from the Delphi square.

To find detailed information about Carroll County, visit the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce web page.

For a complete view of Alan McConnell's work, visit his web page.

To discover more about Rena Brouwer's art, visit her web page.

See some of Deborah's Silver and Leather work on her Etsy site.

Delphi Preservation Society web page.